Ways To Make Money With Your Computer That Are Free To Start

Because there are so many ways to make money with your computer people generally fall into a couple of categories. Some people are looking for free ways to get started earning money, while others are willing to make an investment if that’s what it takes.

In this article we are going to focus on ways you can use your computer to make money that don’t cost anything to get started with.

1. Freebie networks. Join a freebie network such as Instant Pay Network and make money giving stuff away. How does this work?

Corporations are looking for ways to promote their products without spending all of their advertising dollars on expensive media such as TV and radio. One way to do that is give away free samples of their products.

You can earn money giving the samples away. Join a freebie network where top corporations are already signed up, and get paid giving away the freebies.

2. Affiliate marketing. In this business model you get paid to sell stuff, to get people to click on ads, or to perform a specific action such as completing a lead or more downloading software.

Many people do all of the above and earn extra money all the way to seven-figure incomes. You represent the merchant and they provide everything you need to get started.

3. Take paid surveys. This is a get paid to program for companies that value your opinion.

You can get paid to take surveys, or complete offers. Many of these companies also have referral programs and you can get paid to refer people to take surveys as well.

4. Internet writing. The Internet thrives on fresh content. This provides unlimited opportunities for you to make money doing writing online.

For example, you could start your own blog and make money doing affiliate marketing. You can also write articles for other bloggers that they can use to post on their blog.

You can earn money writing content on free sites such as iWriter or Hire Writers. If you want to make the big bucks you can become a copywriter.

There are numerous instances of people who earn over a dollar per word writing sales copy for company websites and promotions other Internet marketers use on their sales pages.

These are examples of ways to make money with your computer that are free to start. There are various levels of skill required, but these are all things you can learn to do to make money.

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