Using Facebook to Get Free MLM Leads

Being the second most popular website on the Internet, Facebook has become a social hub for almost everyone that uses a computer, which is why it’s the perfect source of leads you can use for your MLM business. But how do you go about using it?

1. Add a lot of new friends to your network every day.

The purpose of Facebook is for you to add people to your already existing circle of friends. And these friends will be the free MLM leads that you have been looking for. Add as many people to your network as you can but remember that when adding people, put in a little personalized note to each one to set yourself apart from the other requests.

2. Build on your friendships.

As with every other sales relationship, you need to build on the trust of your friends. Ask about their interests, hobbies, jobs, and other things that friends talk about. The main thing is to not spam everyone with links pointing to your business website. Rather, give them an opportunity to improve their lives.

3. Invite them to join your Facebook group.

Now if you’ve successfully created a lively banter with your friends, or better yet you found a friend of yours who is interested in your products or services, you can then invite them to join your Facebook group or guide them to your blog. Don’t force them to go to the official website of your company; give it to them only if they ask.

And if they keep coming back to your website or blog, always update these platforms. People always like to see new content.

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