The Advantages and Drawbacks of Working From Home

Internet has indeed proven its influence in today’s way of living. Almost every household nowadays have access to internet, not only is it a reliable source of information but it also makes life easier to deal with. Shopping at the convenience of your home, studying, getting professional services, even hire licensed lawyers without leaving your home! Anything and almost everything is possible!

People who wish to work at home can take advantage of this form of media. Going to the office every day, taking the subway or dealing with endless traffic is indeed very frustrating. That is why more and more people are encouraged to work from home. Employers have seen the lower expenditure of hiring people who wants to work from home as opposed to those whom they hire personally.

People who have experienced the economic downfall a few years back have seen the potential in this industry. In fact internet home based jobs are what saves most people from bankruptcy. There are a lot of jobs that you can apply for and it all depends on your field of expertise. You can see professional doctors, lawyers, writers, and entrepreneurs who prefers to work from home.

Advantages of Working from Home

· Working in an office you need to allot a budget for your travel expenditure such as gas, bus or subway tickets, for you to get to your work place, apparently of you work from home this is not the case. If you come to think of it, travel expenses is a bit costly so without the need to travel you will save money, and time.

· Another advantage is that there will be no boss present pressuring you to finish your job, you are the boss and your time relies on your hands. For some people who wish to treat home based jobs as if they’re working in an actual office, writing down daily tasks and commanding themselves as if they’re the bosses they tend to be more productive and reap all the benefits of working home based.

· As you don’t have to be late or be absent from work, you can spend time with your children or loved ones. With a home based job, you have the freedom to leisurely spend quality time with whomever you wish to spend it with. You can easily attend to your children’s concern. You will always be at the picture.

Home based job really do have a lot of advantages, yet like with almost everything in the world, there should be a balance, nothing is too good to be true. The drawbacks of having to work from home is that you handle your income relies on your productivity and there is no security that you will have a monthly fixed income that you can rely on.

Also when you work from home, although it is an advantage that you will always be with your children, the drawback is the other way around, your children will always be there causing you to lose focus and sometimes frustration.

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