Hot Industries Loaded With Home Business Opportunities

The drive and ambition might be there, but finding the right home business opportunities to suit your needs and wants can be tricky. Even with there being hundreds of thousands of options to choose from, narrowing in on a worthy industry today can present challenges. Fortunately for you, here are some of the hottest industries today that are loaded with opportunities from home.

The first industry to look into for home business opportunities is game developing for social networks. True, this does require you to be a bit of a tech savvy person. But the demand has never been higher as people are spending hours upon hours on Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites from their smart phones playing games. The industry has grown 184% per year for the past five years and is only going up.

An industry that may come as a shocker to some is online shoe sales. Shoes are something that everyone needs and a commodity that women can’t live without. Over the past five years, online shoe sales in the U.S. has grown more than 16% per year and is expected to be over $9 billion in 2013 for revenue. And there is certainly room for a start-up company to challenge the big players.

There is no denying the fact that people love TV and movies. In fact, 98% of U.S. households have a TV and 25 percent have a home theater system. But even with those numbers, few know how to properly install them. This is where you can come into play. One of the rising home business opportunities today is TV and home theater installation services as projected revenue will only go up from here.

As much as people enjoy parking it on the couch and watching TV, they enjoy traveling even more. After taking a minor hit, online travel industries have been on the rise over the last few years and are expected to jump over $20.7 billion by the end of 2013. And IBISWorld predicts sales will continue to increase over the next five years making it the perfect time for you to jump on board.

Staying on the technologically advanced side of things, the final option to consider for home business opportunities is IT security consulting. Ecommerce and online shopping has continued to rise making way for an increased need of security for those shoppers. Some of the largest companies out there like Sony and LinkedIn have fallen victim to cyber attacks so a need is there. And if you have the skills to meet these demands, you can make a hefty buck or two along the way.

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