Getting Paid to Prospect

One of the most popular forms of business is multi level marketing. In this marketing practice, an individual gets paid for selling a product of the network and for inviting other people to join the network of distributors. The people who are invited to join the network are called prospects. These people can be easily enticed to engage in the network marketing business or can be hardly convinced.

One of the good deals of MLM is getting paid to prospect. This is a no-sweat action for sales representatives as it is part of their business strategy. All that one has to do is to sell the company’s products. Selling of the product entails discussing of the product description and the many benefits of buying the product. Once the product gets sold, a distributor is paid a commission that includes the selling and prospecting part of the business. Direct selling is actually pre-training individuals that can be potentially be part of the business; therefore, it is also getting paid to prospect.

You cannot expect all of your prospects to become part of the business. In fact, around ninety-percent of them would not invest money in MLM. This is the reason why you are to fund a proposal by actually selling products of your business. The cash you get from your sales can fund your advertising and increase your overall cash flow to sustain your prospecting needs. You have to learn the basics of selling before you can successfully get leads or prospects.

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