Frugal Funding: Building Your Business on a Shoestring Budget

As modern people believe, money makes the world go round. This medium of trade has saved us from the inconveniences caused by barter, also known as direct trading of goods and services. People earn money by working on jobs and revenues generated by their businesses. However, before the 20th century, starting businesses with a capital worth thousands or even millions of dollars have been common.

After all, businessmen can’t afford to take risks of making cheap beginnings for their businesses like stores, hotels, inns, and even factories. However, businessmen like Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, and Bill Gates have started business that transformed into multi-billion-dollar brands and franchises.

Dell started a computer business using the used personal computers (PCs) he modified, which paved the way to the emergence of high-performance Dell desktop and laptop PCs. Jobs, who is now Apple Inc’s chairman and chief executive officer (CEO), started his career as a video game technician at Atari, which was known for creation of early video games and consoles. His experience had helped him learn how a business works and marketing strategies that have put Apple into one of the top technology companies in the world.

Bill Gates has invented various software development tools and programming languages in 1970s during the time when computers were not commercially popular. However, the series of programs he created paved the way towards the creation of Windows, the most commonly used operating system for computers all over the world. The set of computer-based instructions Gates created were not very popular to most people at that time, but they led to the foundation of software company Microsoft. Gates, Jobs, and Dell have proven that you do not have to acquire huge capital to start a successful business. And since you have heard about the success stories of people who have started businesses from scratch, why not learn the secrets towards success?

A cheap start can lead towards a luxurious success. Whenever you start a business, make use of the knowledge you gained through your education, training, or even in your work experience. Next is usually a recommended advice by success coaches: set your mind towards creating products and offering services. In other words, concentrate on your ventures as if you are enjoying them. Remember, most people often accomplish even the most difficult challenges when they are focused. Being focused can turn even a home business into a multi-million dollar corporation or even a multinational company that spreads its franchise worldwide. Another thing, being passionate and positive is essential.

You can’t be successful if you can’t enjoy what you’re doing. While you build your business, why not seek part-time jobs or even work from home? After all, it’s important to have extra income in case something bad happens to your business. When you devise the products and/or services you plan to market, don’t just rely on marketing strategies selling to customers face-to-face, you can also make money online by adding credit card charge as part of the payment options. After all, most people have been paying through credit cards due to their convenience.

If you follow these steps, you can join the list of success stories that inspire people and proving that you don’t have to invest too much just to fulfill you dreams. After all, growth occurs from something small into a fully matured product.

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