How to Make Money on a Blog

When you know how to make money on a blog you will find that many different things are used to really make the most profits. It can be important to choose several different ways to make money with your blog. You do not want to become set in one way of marketing this blog, and instead you should strive to learning something new each day that you can apply to expanding and earning even more with a popular blog.

Your posts are more important than you think. If you are putting posts out there for only the search engines, you are instantly neglecting your audience. While you can make posts around techniques that the search engines love, you should still be offering something to your readers. Each time you make a post your reader should walk away with something.

Other successful blogs can be a wonderful source to learn how to make money with a blog. You will find that other successful people are often willing to share their techniques with others. Even if you have to pay a small fee for this info, it can be well worth it to find techniques that really work. Many people are afraid of anything that is very new, but sometimes you have to take some risks with your blog also.

There are many different techniques out there that are completely set up and ready to go. AdSense is a technique you can use as a beginner. You want to find techniques that make money with a blog simply. If you are using techniques that are too complicated, you may quickly lose interest and not want to use this technique anymore.

Offering E-Books on your blog can be a great way for you to make all of the profits from sales. If you know someone that has a popular E-Book, you can offer this on your site also. E-Books are very popular, and many people are using online books, compared to traditional books. E-Books provide instant access to information which people desire in this day and age.

Knowing how to make money on a blog can completely change the way you work online. You will have a more stable form of income that you can depend on, and you can only work on taking this blog even further in the future. There are some exciting techniques out there that you can begin learning about and applying to your blog.

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Solo Ads: Pay Attention To Quality As Well As Cost

Most Internet marketers look at cost before anything else. There certainly is nothing wrong with this, but if you are going to buy solos ads sent out by email you need to consider the quality of the list your ad is being sent out to.

In this article I want to look closer at cost and quality as they pertain to email solo ads. Hopefully these tips will help you the next time you decide to purchase a solo ad.

Quality Solo Ad

When I am looking at the quality of an email list to promote to I consider these things.

  1. Relevancy. I want my audience to be people who are looking for what my ad is selling. If I have a home business opportunity that helps people make money online, I’m looking for an email list of people who are looking for ways to make money on the Internet or start their own home business.
  2. Location. Again using the home business opportunity niche I’m looking for people that live in the same country as me. If I live in the United States I want subscribers from the United States, and not a list full of people looking for ways to make money online and live in another country such as India or the Philippines.


  1. Cheap versus quality. When you buy a solo ad you want to consider the quality of the list you are buying from. You can buy cheap traffic all over the Internet, but you are going to get what you pay for. There’s no since purchasing an ad sent out to a list of non-English speaking subscribers if your business opportunity wants to target people who speak English.
  2. Frequency budget. Consider the frequency when looking at the cost. If you can only budget to buy one email solo ad then by all means do that, but if your budget allows more, consider purchasing a series of ads which will allow you to develop more top of mind awareness from your subscribers. This just means as they become ready for your opportunity they will click on the link in the ad.

Hopefully this drives home the point that cost is important, but it’s directly related to the quality of the email list you are sending the ad out too. If you want results there’s no sense purchasing a solo ad that is going to deliver cheap traffic.

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Paid Traffic Is Fast Traffic

The Internet has brought many different kinds of traffic generation options to network marketing and home business owners. You can break these into paid traffic and free traffic in terms of cost and the time it takes to mange them. There are benefits to both, so in the long run you want to implement as many different ways as you can to get your website visitors.

In this article we will focus on paid traffic and why I like it so much.

Fast Traffic

Once you get your ads running paid traffic is fast traffic. You can begin getting visitors to your site almost immediately.

That is not going to be the case with free traffic. You will invest your time to get it going, and there is no guarantee it will pay off for you.

Guaranteed Traffic

Some of the traffic you pay for will be guaranteed. Pay per click, or PPC advertising is an example of this.

You fund your campaign and once it goes live you will get a visitor to whatever page you direct it to on every ad that is clicked.

With other forms of paid traffic it is easy to set up and in a few days you will start to see results. That is fast online traffic!

Targeted Traffic

Buying paid traffic is the easiest form of Internet marketing you will ever do in terms of targeting. If you are promoting a network marketing or business opportunity for example, you can buy traffic that is targeted to that audience.

You can target it to a specific audience as well. Why pay for traffic that lives on another continent when your target is people looking for ways to make money in the United States and Canada?

Easy To Set Up

There are many ways you can get paid traffic that are easy to set up. Some may take skills, but most do not.

When you buy traffic you just give the advertiser your campaign parameters and they do all of the online promotion for you. It does not get any easier than that.

Cost Controlled

I think of this as a benefit as well because you can buy as much, or as little traffic, as you need and as your budget allows. You are in charge.

They key is to avoid advertising deals that are cheap or sound to good to be true. Not all Internet advertising is equal and you will get what you pay for.

These are a few reasons I like paid advertising. It is fast and offers many benefits to people looking for a way to build their network marketing or home business opportunity.

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Living Lavishly Is Not Unrealistic When Working Online

From owning a home business to jumping on the bandwagon of another, there are countless perks that come with being an entrepreneur online today. Millions of people worldwide have turned to the internet for careers looking to strike gold. And with the multitude of benefits that come with working on your own, it makes sense!

Time and time again you hear of people starting up a business and making six figures off of it in no time. While there is a great deal of work that comes with starting a business, the rewards can be plentiful. Before you know it, you could be living lavish with all of your wildest dreams coming true.

Perhaps the greatest facet of running a business or working for yourself is the endless amount of freedom that comes with the territory. You have the ability to work where you want when you want without anyone telling you what to do. This opens the door for all kinds of possibilities in terms of creating a schedule ideal for you, living where you want, taking vacation whenever you want for as long as you want.

As long as there is internet access where you end up, there is nothing stopping you from moving or vacationing tomorrow. Just imagine being able to work from the beaches of Hawaii while taking a two, three or even four week vacation. This is all possible with internet marketing and has many entrepreneurs living lavish lifestyles.

In addition to the freedom comes the ability to earn residual and passive incomes. The beauty of many affiliate marketing programs and business creations is that you can actually make money time and time again off of a single product. E-books are a perfect example.

If you are a profound writer, consider writing your very own e-book as people love information and eat up books written on topics of interest. With an e-book, as soon as the book is written you are done with the hard work. From then on, you can sit back and collect the earnings each time someone purchases the book. This is just one of many ways you can earn residual income online.

The bottom line is hundreds of thousands of people are living lavish lifestyles thanks to careers that all started on the internet. The options are endless and the sky truly is the limit for the potential out there. The only thing left to do now is find your niche and get to work because soon all of your dreams could come true too!

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Buying Traffic To A Website: Things To Look For!

I wouldn’t say that buying traffic to a website requires skills, but I would say it takes some knowledge on what works and what doesn’t. Trial and error is not the best way to approach this important part of Internet marketing.

What we will talk about in this article are things you can look for when buying traffic to your website!

Is The Traffic Targeted?

To me this is the most important thing to consider first. There are various levels of website traffic depending on where you are buying it from, and how much money are willing to spend.

However, regardless of that the traffic must be targeted to your specific niche and your specific offer. Targeted traffic means that these are people who are looking for what you are selling.

In my niche, make money online, I am specifically targeting people who are looking for ways to make money on the Internet. Because this is a competitive niche I’m not interested in other aspects of Internet marketing such as blogging, social media marketing, and so on.

I want people who are looking for ways to make money online and that is my target market. Focus on your target market when buying traffic and you are going to get better results.

Yes Price Matters To A Point

When you buy traffic to a website you should consider price, but you also want to consider the big picture. To me the big picture is not only how much money do I have to spend, but what is the quality of the traffic.

Let me give you an example!

Traffic exchanges are an example of how you can spend your money getting traffic to your website. However, the quality of this traffic is not going to be good as good as pay per click advertising.

The majority of the people in a traffic exchange are clicking on ads to earn credits for promoting their own ads. In a pay per click advertising campaign people clicking on those ads are looking for that specific keyword phrase.

Are You Ready?

Be sure the website you’re sending traffic to is equipped to handle the visitor once they get there. For this reason many Internet marketers use landing pages, or a blog post, that specifically targets the exact message they are advertising.

This is a good way to buy traffic because you can target your results, and you can structure your web page, to get the desired result you are looking for from the traffic you have just bought.

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