Become the Hunted Instead of the Hunter: Career Marketing Tips

Why do people work? The obvious reason is because they need money to buy anything they want and/or show generosity to their friends and families. Surely, you would desire to put up a business just to provide you with good revenue. However, you can be more prepared in starting a business if you have experienced working under a corporation, firm, or even an organization. Work comes in different types of employments, wherein full-time jobs are the most common.

Throughout history, full-time jobs have been important to people all over the world, wherein they would work hard to keep their jobs secure. After all, people do not want to put all the financial efforts of their parents to complete their education turn into waste, right? However, since the commercialization of the Internet in the 1990s, telecommuting, also known as work from home, has become increasingly popular as an employment option.

Freelancing has also become a career trend as well since employers can connect to their employees and applicants online. After all, billions of households have computers and use the Internet frequently. The 2007-2009 financial crisis had caused decline of various careers within both the public and private sectors of countries all over the world, especially the United States, when the country had experience the highest unemployment rate. The crisis has changed the trends of jobs wherein most of the existing positions require more skills, especially in computers.

This change has been a disadvantage to workers who are born within the Baby Boomer period (1946-1964) because most of them are not as inclined to technological advancements as much as the people within Generation X (born in between 1965 and 1981) and Generation Y (born in between 1982 and 2000). The recent job trends have also changed the way companies’ human resource employees accept curricula vitae (CVs) and application letters from jobseekers, wherein resumes made for their particular jobs can lead to higher chances of getting hired compared to their generalized counterparts. With the changing career trends, it’s time to ask yourself if you can be marketable to companies you applied for your desired jobs. Whether you want to make money online or seeking for an in-house career, follow these tips to help you become an asset to companies.

Marketing yourself towards a successful career starts with creating a resume. Make sure that you put your contact information consisting of your complete name, residential address, email address and contact numbers. Create information about your educational background and work experience, wherein both of them should be relevant to the job you’re applying. As mentioned earlier, job-specified resumes increases your chances of being prioritized or hired than the generalized ones. References can be added too even if they are optional. However, human resource employees can use your references to contact your school or your former company if you are recommended for hire within the job you are applying. Add educational and career accomplishments, wherein they can increase your chances of getting hired.

After you submit your resume, whether online or as a walk-in applicant, you will be contacted for an interview. Interviews can be on the phone, although the face-to-face approach is more common. Do not procrastinate at the day of your interview or you would give your employer a wrong impression. After all, employers do not like being late. To make yourself look suitable during an interview, wear business clothing like polo shirts, slacks, and leather shoes. For women, they should not wear anything sleeveless nor clothing that can expose their cleavage. Proper attire can make you look marketable to your employers. Greet your interviewer and even shake his/her hand at the beginning and after an interview. If the employer decides to hire you, you should complete the requirements given so that you would be able to start a career with the company.

By doing these things, employers will look at you as something valuable and important towards the success of companies. After all, when it comes to marketability, this Andre Agassi quote is applicable: “Image is everything.”

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